Steremat AFS GmbH, a company for the promotion of employment and structural development, is a non-profit making sponsor of projects in Berlin, acting in the interests of the community. In October 1991 it was established as a rescue company for employees of Steremat GmbH (Ltd), an industrial enterprise active in the field of electrical engineering electronics in the former GDR, whose employment was at risk.

Since then Steremat AFS GmbH has evolved from the rescue company into a social employment organization whose employees for temporary projects (6-12 months) are drawn almost exclusively from the unemployed.

The aim of the organization is to implement employment measures for the unemployed and long-term unemployed, and to strive for and improve their personal situation and development. The purpose of the company is to give employment, training, work placement and social support to the unemployed through employment projects from agencies or job centres. Successful learning is for us not only about continuous qualifications and further training, but also project-related collective employment .That is a specific difference from purely educational institutions. Only with this combination have we been able to achieve the main goal, together with our project participants, to help regain their employability and thus increase their chances of finding their own employment in the future.

Steremat AFS GmbH sees itself as a service provider, not only for institutional clients but equally for  project participants, as well as for the various operating units of employment promotion projects, and thus for the structural development of the region. Our partners are schools, daycare centres, associations, museums and offices, with whom we work in co-operation. In our projects, we work in workshops with materials such as wood, paint and textiles. Bicycles are also repaired and toys and books refurbished. Our project participants look after senior citizens in homes. In addition, they also help out in parks and public gardens. Many also work in offices, archives and museums, researching, photographing  and collecting information and data for monument protection (listed buildings) and conservation authorities. In 2014, we started or completed 33 work promotion projects in Berlin. Over 400 project participants were recruited or employed for a set time. Thanks to a stable personnel policy, much experience has been gained in directing employees, and this has led to a high quality of reliability for the project tasks by implementing new and higher requirements in in-house and external  training. In the state of Berlin, we are recognized as a "labour market-oriented employment support". The office (HQ) of Steremat AFS GmbH has been located in the Berlin borough of Prenzlauer Berg since 1996. Here, in this former working class district that now attracts visitors from all over the world, burning social, economic and cultural issues are reflected as well as new developments in Berlin.